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2022 Rewind — a Big Year for Edge Impulse

Machine LearningNew features and partnerships, industry recognition, our second annual event... we've had so much to celebrate in 2022!

Edge Impulse Team

January 3, 2023

    Happy new year! 2022 was an incredible year for Edge Impulse. From launching new features and partnerships, to receiving industry recognition, to hosting our second annual Imagine event to great fanfare, we've had so much to celebrate, and so we've rounded up some of our most notable achievements from the past 12 months to share and enjoy. 

    We're grateful to all of our users, customers, and supporters who have helped make these accomplishments possible. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

    Here's to an even bigger and better 2023!

    Stats, Growth, Accomplishments 


    • Enabled digital health data and ML workflows for wearables market leaders Oura, Know Labs, and NoWatch
    • Onboarded new enterprises addressing key challenges in industrial edge AI: Lexmark, Ecolab, Brambles, NASA, and more



    • Imagine 2022: Three days, 200 attendees, 11 presentations, 8 lightning talks, 7 tech talks, 6 workshops, demos, and more

    2022 Announcements 

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