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We put ML into real products

Edge Impulse is the leading development platform for machine learning on edge devices, free for developers and trusted by enterprises.

Raw data
Label data
Train model
Trusted by the embedded industry

We're now supporting Synaptics Katana™

Announcing official support for Katana™ the low-power edge AI SoC by Synaptics, running a neural network processor.

Exploring the power of Synaptics’ Katana

Join us to learn how to use Katana with Edge Impulse Studio to experience Synaptics’ powerful hardware acceleration.

Advanced infrastructure maintenance and automation

With Edge Impulse, industrial and utility providers can intelligently manage power, renewables and water infrastructure, tapping embedded ML on the edge.

AI-Powered Hard-Hat Detection

A step-by-step tutorial to help you safeguard your field workers from injury, with Edge Impulse embedded machine learning.

Build advanced edge ML solutions fast

Accelerate ML solution development using low-code to advanced integrations with the support from an expert.

Any data, any device.

Easily import sensor, audio and camera data, and deploy seamlessly to embedded systems, GPUs and custom accelerators.


Extract meaningful
information from any sensor


Recognize sounds or keywords


Add intelligent sight
to your devices

Any device

Deploy to any
production target

No black boxes.
Total explainability.

Get full visibility across the whole ML pipeline. Developers have complete access to data attributes, DSP algorithms, and model hyperparameters throughout the whole development lifecycle.

Go to market faster, with confidence

Bulletproof testing

Test your ML pipeline with 24 hours of real-world data to catch bugs earlier in your product lifecycle and adapt your model before deploying to device.


Scale datasets, algorithms and MLOps across whole organizations with security and privacy, while taking advantage of our CI/CD integrations.

Trusted by enterprise and developers worldwide


ML projects


data samples


cloud jobs

"The sleep data we collect is... messy and hard to scrub. Edge Impulse makes it easy to bring data in, combine it, and refine it, so we can get as much value out of it as possible."

Xi Zhang
Head of Health Sensing, Oura

"Edge Impulse is not just a tool for ML, it’s a new way of looking at software engineering. It enables a new approach to extract immediate value from your domain-specific edge data. Edge Impulse is what this market has been missing for the last five years."

Kaushal Vora
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global IoT, Renesas

"We’re aggregating sensor data to produce more useful results. With the Edge Impulse platform, we were able to find patterns in our data quickly, and develop a specialized algorithm tailored to our needs. As a startup we're always looking for quicker ways to free up time and tackle other problems that walk through the door."

Joe Boettcher
Chief Development Officer, SlateSafety

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