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Webinar: Powering the Next Generation of Low-Power Computer Vision Applications

Computer Vision, Machine Learning

Adam Benzion

February 10, 2021

Back at The Things Conference, we announced our partnership with Arduino to bring support for the Portenta H7 and its Vision Shield. This allows any embedded developer to collect image data from the field, quickly build classifiers to interpret the world, and deploy models back to production-ready hardware.

In our upcoming webinar on March 16th, Zin Thein Kyaw and Andrea Richetta will walk you through using Edge Impulse to deploy low-power computer vision applications on the Portenta H7 and demonstrate how to leverage the Edge Impulse Studio for managing the entire embedded machine learning pipeline.

But that's not all! We'll be giving away a free Arduino hardware bundle to 10 lucky webinar participants! Register now to have your name entered in the drawing to win.


Are you interested in bringing machine learning intelligence to your devices? We're happy to help.

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