Particle Photon 2 Full Support: Live Microphone and Accelerometer Data Now Available

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This June we launched our partnership with Particle and initial support for their new Photon 2 and P2 devices. Now we proudly announce full integration of the Photon2, adding support for directly connecting the hardware to Edge Impulse and collecting live microphone and accelerometer data!

Until now, if you wanted to collect data for use with a Photon 2 project, you weren’t able to do so using the microphone, and obtaining accelerometer data required an unfriendly process. 

With the release of full support for the Photon 2, both of those sensors are now immediately available for data acquisition into Edge Impulse if you have the EdgeML kit available from the Particle store.

Additionally, you can now choose to deploy your Edge Impulse project directly to your Photon 2 with the binary deployment option, which will allow you to run and test your model on-device quickly, so you can fine tune your impulse or get back to developing your real products.

Head over to the Particle Photon2 documentation to get started! If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our forum or tag @EdgeImpulse and @Particle on our social media channels. 

And don’t miss our free webinar, “EdgeML Energy Monitoring on the Particle Photon 2 with Edge Impulse” on December 7 — register here

Watch an overview of our Energy Monitoring demo:

How do I get started?

To get started, you will need a Particle Photon 2 or compatible device, the PDM digital microphone in the Edge ML Kit, and a computer with the Particle Workbench IDE installed. For details on how to order a Photon 2 see the Particle Machine Learning documentation.

Once you have your Photon 2 connected to Edge Impulse, you can start collecting data, building models, and deploying to your Photon 2. You can find more information on how to collect data, build models, and deploy to your Photon 2. In our officially supported Particle Photon 2 documentation.

Alternatively if you already have a compatible Particle device you can skip ahead and follow the steps in the deploy your model as a particle library, which should work with most compatible particle devices. 

By combining the power of Particle P2 and Photon 2 with the Edge Impulse platform, you can unlock new possibilities for sensor-driven IoT applications!

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