ML on the Edge with Zach Shelby, Ep. 6 — Know Labs' Steve Kent on Digital Health

In this episode of Machine Learning on the Edge, Edge Impulse CEO and co-founder Zach Shelby sits down with Steve Kent, Chief Product Officer of Know Labs, a company at the forefront of non-invasive glucose monitoring.

The two discuss Kent's journey to becoming a pioneering figure in digital health and medical device innovation. The conversation explores the intersections of data, machine learning, and digital healthcare, highlighting how advancements in sensor technology and algorithm development are revolutionizing patient care and medical diagnostics.

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Some takeaways from Steve from the conversation:

On Childhood Inspiration: "Growing up, like the way that my dad and I would spend time together was taking apart electronics and new computer chips in our garage."

On the Essence of Innovation: "The fun of being an entrepreneur is it's your job to break things and rebuild them."

On Motivation for Impact: "My biggest goal in my career was to make the largest positive impact and human health possible... So I decided that I had to start my own company so that I could use technology for what it was meant to do, which is transformed the way that we provide care for patients and customers."

On the Complexity of Medical Device Development: "I think one of the reasons why we've always been so successful on our work, and many of the projects we've worked on together is we think about the whole human to the whole human, and how that human fits into the social fabric that they're operating in. So by the time we've collected all of this information, we can provide them with very generalized data to this use case."

On Revolutionizing Diabetes Care

"The mission is clear. It is to provide the world's first FDA approved and truly non-invasive glucose monitor to the billions of people who are suffering from Type 1, Type 2, pre-diabetes, and general metabolic health disorders.

We have developed the first radiofrequency dielectric sensor. We're able to put this incredible non-invasive energy into the human tissue stack and measure the response. And it turns out that this sensor can hone in on blood glucose, and provide us with, in our lab today, what appears to be a very promising signal."


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