Getting Started Wizard: Train Your First Keyword Spotting Model in Under 5 Minutes

“OK, Google,” “Alexa,” “Hello Louis.”

Being able to detect these words is actually pretty simple. This technique is called "keyword spotting" and it only needs a few KB of RAM to run on embedded targets.

If you don’t have a good project idea to get started with, why don’t you try our Getting Started Wizard to recognize your own words?

We created a seamless flow to collect, train and test a keyword spotting project in under five minutes.

To try that feature, just go to and let yourself be carried away by the simplicity of the process:


The Getting Started Wizard will guide you through the data collection steps, will automatically add unknown words and background noise to make your custom dataset more robust, will show you how to extract features with pre-processing techniques, and train a neural network using transfer learning.

All this in less than five minutes!

Once finished, you can test your model directly from your browser.


Finally, you can add this custom project to your Edge Impulse account if you have one or create a new one to come back to it to collect more samples and make your machine learning project more robust over time.

Happy discovery!



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