EON Tuner Awarded 2022 Edge AI Developer Tool of the Year

We are delighted to announce that the Edge AI and Vision Alliance has named Edge Impulse’s EON Tuner their 2022 Edge AI Developer Tool of the Year today at the Embedded Vision Summit.

The EON Tuner enhances your machine learning application by helping you find and select the best ML model within the constraints of your target device. The EON Tuner analyzes your input data, potential signal processing blocks, and neural network architectures, and gives you an overview of possible model architectures that will fit your chosen device’s latency and memory requirements. It’s an end-to-end tool that helps automate the process of creating reliable and efficient models for all users.

“We believe the EON Tuner represents a major breakthrough in the world of edge machine learning, by enabling you to find and select the best model for your application within the constraints of your target device in just a few clicks,” says Jan Jongboom, Edge Impulse Co-Founder and CTO. “This provides developers and enterprises the confidence they need to build the optimal ML pipeline for their real-world vision solution.”

The EON Tuner is currently being used by thousands of developers in projects spanning a wide range of commercial applications including predictive maintenance, human interfaces, and industrial automation. Embedded into the Edge Impulse Studio, EON Tuner is available to all. Follow our primer to learn about leveraging the feature with your own data.

Jan Jongboom pictured alongside Jeff Bier, Founder of the Edge AI and Vision Alliance

Kudos to the team!

The Edge AI and Vision Award joins a growing list of Edge Impulse accolades. Prior to the EON Tuner, Edge Impulse introduced the EON (Edge Optimized Neural) Compiler (our tool for greatly reducing RAM and ROM usage in ML models without sacrificing accuracy or increasing latency), which went on to win the 2021 Edge AI and Vision Product of the Year in the Edge AI Developer Tools category, in addition to the ​​“Best Innovation of the Year” at the inaugural tinyML Summit Awards.

We’re thrilled to receive recognition from the Edge AI and Vision Alliance, as well as our partners and community. Can’t wait to show you what we’re working on next!



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