Edge Impulse and Infineon Announce Machine Learning Software Support for PSoC™ 6 Microcontrollers

The partnership expands Infineon’s ModusToolbox software ecosystem to Edge Impulse’s Studio environment, allowing for easy configuration of the high-performance, low-power PSoC 6 MCU series for edge ML applications.

Edge Impulse and Infineon have announced cross-platform support for their software environments, allowing for high-powered, flexible machine learning development on the Infineon PSoC™ 6 microcontroller series.

The collaboration gives Edge Impulse Studio users access to ModusToolbox™, Infineon’s MCU configuration software, allowing them to natively develop and configure applications on the PSoC-6™-based CY8CKIT-062S2 Pioneer Kit coupled with the CY8CKIT-028-SENSE Dev Kit, which incorporates accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, microphone, pressure, and temperature sensors. Data from these sensors can now be used with Edge Impulse for the easy generation of TinyML-based AI models, optimized for low-power, private, low-cloud-cost edge environments. These models can then be deployed on any PSoC™ 6-based MCU.

Edge Impulse, the leading development platform for ML on edge devices, allows developers to quickly and easily create and optimize solutions with real-world data. The company’s platform streamlines the entire process of collecting and structuring datasets, designing ML algorithms with ready-made building blocks, validating the models with real-time data, and deploying the fully optimized production-ready result to an edge target such as the PSoC™ 6. The Edge Impulse development platform, already in use by thousands of companies, stands to unlock massive value across every industry, with millions of developers making billions of devices smarter.

PSoC™ 6 MCUs offer Arm Cortex-M4 plus M0+ chip architecture, multiple wired and wireless connectivity options, configurable voltage and frequency settings, built-in hardware-based security, state-of-the-art capacitive interfaces, and more, on a single chip. Their combination of power, efficiency, size, and programmability make them perfectly suited for IoT, wearable, or remote monitoring purposes that require the ability to run advanced algorithms.

"We couldn’t be more excited to work with Infineon to support PSoC™ 6 development," said Zach Shelby, CEO and co-founder of Edge Impulse. "This is a proven hardware platform that offers an undeniable set of features, and is the perfect companion to Edge Impulse for almost any use case."

"With the performance and extremely low power design of the PSoC™ 6, running TinyML models down at the edge becomes even more capable than before. By using Edge Impulse to simplify the barrier to machine learning, product makers can focus on real data they collect from the device to make an innovative and effective product," said Danny Watson, Director, Software Product Marketing Manager of Infineon Technologies.

Infineon and Edge Impulse will be demonstrating the Cypress PSoC™ 6 integration at the upcoming Imagine conference; for more information and to register, visit edgeimpulse.com/imagine.


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