Big News! Edge Impulse Announces Simon Segars Joining the Board of Directors

Today Jan and I are making a big announcement: Simon Segars is joining the board of directors of Edge Impulse.

It’s hard to describe in words how much of a game changer it is to have Simon on our side. He has been an inspiration to computing, most recently serving as CEO of Arm from 2013 to 2022. He was one of the first engineers at Arm, having joined in 1991 to work on early chip designs before moving into leadership roles. In his tenure as CEO he grew the company into a powerhouse of compute, with an impact on nearly every market from embedded and mobile to networking and cloud. He also serves on the board of directors of Dolby Laboratories and has been nominated to the board of Vodafone Group Plc. He previously served on the board of SoftBank Group Corp., and is the chair of the Global Semiconductor Alliance.

Simon has close connections within Edge Impulse. I had the huge opportunity to work under Simon’s leadership when Arm acquired my previous company, Sensinode, in 2013; while at Arm we pioneered  Internet of Things and embedded machine learning technologies. I later co-founded and served as CEO of the micro:bit Foundation with Arm’s sponsorship. My co-founder and CTO Jan Jongboom also worked at Arm under Simon, and our COO William DeLey previously served as Simon’s Chief of Staff at Arm.

Simon shares our vision of enabling millions of developers to engineer with ML across the whole silicon industry, much like Arm did to enable compute. It’s a big honor to have him choose us for one of just a few board positions he has accepted, and is an amazing testament to what we’ve achieved with Edge Impulse.

“Unlocking our world’s potential through smarter, more efficient, and accessible computing has been a consistent theme in my professional journey,” Simon says. “Edge Impulse shares this vision and is at the center of the next frontier of edge computing, by empowering developers to harness machine learning across all classes of edge devices.”


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