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University Program: Applications Now Open!

Embedded Devices, Machine Learning, TinyMLThe application form for the Edge Impulse University Program is live! Sign up to receive free Arduino kits and material to help you build edge ML curriculum

Shawn Hymel

May 16, 2022

Back in March, we announced our University Program. Today, we open the application process. If you are a university, college, or other higher education institution, we invite you to apply. You may optionally chose to receive a set of 10 free Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kits (first come, first serve).

Fill out this form to apply to the Edge Impulse University Program.

Machine learning (ML), especially on embedded and edge devices, can be a daunting subject to teach, as it consists of a combination of data science, probability theory, machine learning, and embedded programming. We want to make that task easier and to give you a head start on developing curriculum for this growing field. To help you, we put together several assets as part of our university program.

Read the Hardware Kits sectionHardware Kits

Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kit

We are giving away free Arduino kits designed to help you teach and tinker with edge ML. Each bundle given to a school will consist of 10 TinyML Kits, and each kit contains the following:

  • Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Lite (without temperature sensor)
    • Nordic nRF52840 chipset
    • 32-bit Arm Cortex-M4 running at 64 MHz
    • 256 kB RAM
    • 1 MB flash
  • TinyML breakout board
    • 6 Grove connectors
    • Pushbutton
    • Power terminal
  • USB micro B cable

These kits are designed to work with most of the course material listed below. However, we understand that you may already have embedded hardware to use for teaching such classes. As a result, you may opt out of receiving the kits during the application process.

Read the Professional Development sectionProfessional Development

If you need to get up to speed quickly on embedded ML and Edge Impulse, there are a few online courses that we recommend. These courses are free with an optional paid certificate:

Read the Course Material sectionCourse Material

In addition to the hardware kits, we offer some material to help you construct your edge ML curriculum. This content consists of slides, videos, suggested readings, and example assessment questions that you may use in your course(s). They come from the online courses listed in the "Professional Development" section and have been made available with the permission of the authors. Also, note that the material is open source, which means you are welcome to use it and modify it for teaching purposes.

The Edge Impulse University Program Courseware can be found here. As a bonus, you do not need to sign up for the program to get access to the material.

Read the Expert Network sectionExpert Network

When you apply to the program, you will be invited to join a tinyML Discord server where you can chat with Edge Impulse employees and experts to help you troubleshoot any issues you might have.

Read the University Discount sectionUniversity Discount

The free version of Edge Impulse should be enough to teach most edge ML concepts in the classroom. I taught both "Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning" and "Computer Vision with Embedded Machine Learning" courses using the free version of Edge Impulse. If you require additional training time for individual projects, please send an email to hello@edgeimpulse.com with your project ID(s).

That being said, we realize that you may have more complex projects in mind for large student groups or research teams. If you require the enterprise version of Edge Impulse (see here for a list of enterprise features), we are happy to discuss a university discount with you. You may indicate your desire to chat with a sales representative on the University Program application or fill out this form at any time to schedule a sales call.

If you would like to join our University Program, please head to this page to learn more about it and fill out an application.


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