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Webinar: Industrial-Grade TinyML Applications with Silicon Labs and Edge Impulse

Machine Learning, TinyML, Embedded DevicesLed by Jenny Plunkett, this demo and workshop will provide a hands-on look at the Thunderboard Sense2 Board and tinyML.

Adam Benzion

February 7, 2021

    In element14's upcoming workshop on March 11th, Jenny Plunkett will provide a hands-on look at the Thunderboard Sense 2 board and tinyML

    This webinar will enable you to build an end-to-end tinyML application using the latest best practices in embedded machine learning. You will learn how to collect a dataset, design and train a small (but accurate) model, evaluate its performance, optimize it for embedded use, and integrate it into a real embedded application running on a genuine MCU. You will leave the session feeling confident that you can solve real world problems using state of the art tinyML — and have fun while you are doing it!

    The presentation will include a demo using the Thunderboard Sense 2 (EFR32MG12), followed by a live Q&A. We will also be giving away a limited number of boards for asking the best questions! 

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