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Expand the Human Experience Through New Sensory Perceptions with Edge Impulse and Neosensory

Machine LearningNew design contest! Use Edge Impulse with Neosensory’s Buzz haptic wristband to explore new senses, solve problems, and expand the human experience.

Adam Benzion

November 10, 2020

    Are you ready to create new senses for the human brain? Leverage Neosensory’s Buzz haptic wristband and Edge Impulse’s machine learning platform to create powerful new sensory perceptions.

    Build applications on any BLE-enabled platform, whether it’s a mobile phone or an Arduino to stream and encode sensory information on Buzz. Whether you want to feel sensor data about the health of your beehives, sense the temperature of surrounding objects, or feel satellites flying overhead, the sky’s not even the limit!

    Add Edge Impulse’s platform into the mix to create even more powerful experiences that leverage machine learning—opening the ability to win the Edge Impulse prize and giving yourself an “edge” for the grand prize.

    While the possibilities may seem overwhelming, here are some great areas to focus on:

    • Biofeedback: can you measure physiological signals and provide feedback through Buzz to improve the human experience?
    • Body-incorporation of other systems: can you map signals measured from complex systems (e.g. a drone or a factory) so that they become an extension of you?
    • Accessibility: can you create impactful applications that improve the quality of life for people with deficits, disorders, or disabilities?

    Of course, if you have a killer idea that falls outside any of these areas, that’s fantastic, too!

    Register today and showcase your Edge Impulse powers!


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