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Join our next webinar: Meet EON™

Machine Learning

Adam Benzion

November 10, 2020


Meet EON™ December 9, 2020, 9AM PT | 12PM ET | 6PM CET

Meet EON™, a new Edge Optimized Neural (EON™) compiler from Edge Impulse that will kick your TinyML code into overdrive. EON™ runs a neural network in 25-55% less RAM and up to 35% less flash, while retaining the same accuracy, compared to TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers. EON™ achieves this magic by compiling your neural networks to C++, unlike other embedded solutions using generic interpreters, thus eliminating complex code, device power, and precious time.

The Industry's Fastest Neural Compiler by Edge Impulse 

In this webinar you'll get a peek at the capabilities of this new neural complier and a chance to see it in action during a live demo with Edge Impulse. What you will learn

  • What is EON™ and why was it built
  • How to compile neural networks to C++ in record speed and (smaller) size
  • How vibration, audio, vision, or your own sensors work with EON™
  • Plus, watch a live demonstration of EON™ in action!

Oura Ring Giveaway!

Edge Impulse is giving away an Oura Ring to one lucky webinar participant! Register and attend the event online, December 9th to get your name in the drawing to win this giveaway.


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