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Import Your Data as CSV

Embedded DevicesYou can now easily bring in data into Edge Impulse in CSV format, allowing you to quickly reuse existing datasets.

Jan Jongboom

May 24, 2021

    Upon popular request we've added support for importing CSV data into Edge Impulse through both the upload functionality in the Studio (in your project go to Data acquisition, and select the ‘upload’ icon), and in the Edge Impulse CLI. This makes it trivial to bring existing sensor data into Edge Impulse, without the need to convert your data into the Edge Impulse Data Acquisition format yourself.

    To start, create a single CSV file per sample, write a header with the sensor axes, and then add a single line per reading. For example, this is data from a three-axis accelerometer at 100Hz:


    If you want to you can add the label (e.g. ‘fault state 1’) to the file name, and the label will be automatically picked up (e.g. call this file faultstate1.sample1.csv). Or, you can specify the label when uploading data.

    Sounds simple? It is! You're now ready to use your existing datasets to build the next generation of intelligent devices through embedded machine learning. Any questions? Please let us know on the forums!

    Jan Jongboom is the CTO and cofounder of Edge Impulse. He has parsed many CSV files in his life.


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