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Meet Your New Fitness Trainer, Muscle-AI

Machine Learning, TinyMLIn this workshop, learn how to use MicroMod Machine Learning Carrier Board and Nordic nRF52840 MicroMod Processor to train and deploy your own ML model.

Artie Beavis

May 31, 2021

    The recording is now available! 

    Earlier this spring,  we kicked off a series of AI workshops with our friends at SparkFun. In the first session, attendees had the opportunity to build a machine learning model capable of identifying various smells and fragrances. Today we are excited to announce the date of our second hands-on virtual event, in partnership with Nordic Semiconductor. 

    Join presenters Louis Moreau and Ali Aljaani on June 30th to learn how you can classify different physical motions and body positions using the SparkFun MicroMod Machine Learning Carrier Board and the Nordic nRF52840 MicroMod Processor. You'll utilize Edge Impulse to collect and train your model, then deploy it back to the hardware and integrate it with free Nordic mobile phone tools to get the data off the board and useful for development.

    To ensure you are ready to go for the workshop, SparkFun has put together an all-you-need package that will be shipped your way upon registering. The kit includes a SparkFun MicroMod nRF52840 Processor Board, a SparkFun MicroMod Machine Learning Board, and a USB cable.

    Space is limited, so reserve your spot now! Deadline to sign up is June 14th and 21st for US-based and international participants respectively. 


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