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4 Ways Arduino Portenta Is Winning Industry 4.0

Embedded Devices, TinyMLLearn how you could be using Arduino Portenta to accelerate your IoT system deployments.

Adam Benzion

March 19, 2021

    For manufacturing, the combination of embedded machine learning and Internet of Things devices is a game-changer at every level. From materials to production, shipping and receiving, the next five years will be driven by connected, energy-efficient intelligent devices that can do more. A lot more. IoT connectivity, coupled with embedded ML, will not only create better automation but will also give life to a whole new class of business processes. And surprisingly, it is going to get a lot simpler to program, update, and manage. With better brains and learning capabilities, powered by ML at the edge, IoT is finally going to live up to its original expectations and transform manufacturing and other industries from the ground and up.  

    1. Simplicity wins. Gone are the days of “it’s just complicated.”

    The latest Arduino Portenta is the company’s industrial-grade of high-performance hardware, sporting two asymmetric cores to simultaneously run high-level code such as protocol stacks, machine learning, or even interpreted languages like MicroPython or JavaScript along with low-level real-time tasks. This is important, especially for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications that can handle the demanding integration of manufacturing processes with ML models, over-the-air updates, and harvesting sensory equipment data collection, across fully encrypted LoRaWAN capabilities. Arduino packs all that and more, including its flagship easy-to-use IDE, without the complexity or overhead we’ve grown accustomed to. 

    2. Lowering cost. Get used to affordable IoT that is smarter and better. 

    With continuous data sampling, reconditioned models and “learning” IoT devices, manufacturing companies will find that the ROI is significant and fast. More intelligent machines improve the daily activities of a factory floor, learning from mistakes, failures, and inaccuracies, issuing a smarter grade of predictive maintenance with less machine downtime, and more machine output. Not to mention, Arduino offers an affordable, complete, and out-of-the-box experience that is simply hard to beat. Pushing your workloads and learning to the edge removes the need for costly, power-hungry, and processor-intensive hardware. The Arduino Portenta offers physically smaller, and cost-saving solutions that also eliminate the need to send large amounts of data to the cloud while upping usability, speed, and security.

    3. Quality rules. Arduino Portenta with embedded ML delivers precision.

    By moving your hardware to the edge, and giving it the brain it always needed, you can now use the previously discarded vast amounts of data and advanced analytics to track performance and operating conditions, predict malfunctions and failures, and take action before costly failures take place. This can result in faster predictive maintenance and continuous improvement, making unplanned downtimes a thing of the past. 

    4. Your way. Embedded ML with off-the-shelf hardware is now limitless. 

    Machine learning on microcontrollers is delivering things that were previously reserved to deeptech engineers only or companies with deep pockets. From biometrics to object detection and facial recognition to audio processing, voice assistance, and endless image datasets. Arduino Portenta, powered by Edge Impulse’s embedded framework, runs much faster, and consumes less power, keeping the processing on the device while upping your privacy and security. Using Arduino as an edge device enables companies to greatly increase their ability to collect, analyze, model, and deploy just about anything across a multitude of use cases while avoiding the cost, complexity, security challenges and pervasive cloud dependency. 

    The Arduino Portenta with Edge Impulse is a game-changing solution, bringing intelligence to the device, your way. Start building your first Arduino Portenta models today to discover the new, unconventionally simple IoT platform.


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