Edge ML Series

San Jose, Amsterdam, Chicago, Munich, Boston, London

Invite-only in-person event series to explore how to harness real-world data to deploy advanced edge machine learning (ML) solutions at scale.


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Scale edge ML operations

Exclusive invite-only event series for industry leaders like you. Join us to uncover product and ML innovation with our guests and speakers.


Talks by industry leaders and experts unlocking new innovations and breakthroughs

Edge ML experts

Have a chance to learn best practices for deploying edge ML solutions at scale


Connect with like-minded industry leaders, experts and pioneers during the evening reception

Why attend?

Get to market

Learn to harness new tools and infrastructure to accelerate your data science operations while improving your ML lifecycle.

Differentiate your products

Explore the benefits of augmenting your cloud workloads with edge-based processing, directly turning data from any device into actionable insights.

Expand your data science operations

Optimize your ML and data science capabilities and scale your edge ML infrastructure and deployments.

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VP Developer relations, Edge Impulse

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Edge Impulse

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VP Developer relations, Edge Impulse

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Edge Impulse

Joint lunch.

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"The sleep data we collect is... messy and hard to scrub. Edge Impulse makes it easy to bring data in, combine it, and refine it, so we can get as much value out of it as possible."

Xi Zhang
Head of Health Sensing, Oura

"Edge Impulse is not just a tool for ML, it’s a new way of looking at software engineering. It enables a new approach to extract immediate value from your domain-specific edge data. Edge Impulse is what this market has been missing for the last five years."

Kaushal Vora
Director of Strategic
Partnerships & Global IoT, Renesas

"We’re aggregating sensor data to produce more useful results. With the Edge Impulse platform, we were able to find patterns in our data quickly, and develop a specialized algorithm tailored to our needs. As a startup we're always looking for quicker ways to free up time and tackle other problems that walk through the door."

Joe Boettcher
Chief Development Officer,
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