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Adding Notes to Your Edge Impulse Project

Machine LearningYou can now add notes to your Edge Impulse projects, to make it easier to collaborate on and document your projects.

Jan Jongboom

February 11, 2021

    Building and deploying a great embedded machine learning model takes time: it requires data collection from multiple sources, cleaning up data, extracting values using signal processing, and perhaps trying out a few new model architectures. Edge Impulse provides a variety of tools to keep you sane during this process: you can version your complete project, use block versioning to iterate over your ML blocks, and today we're adding the ability to add notes to a project.

    Document the progress of your ML projects using notes.

    To add a note, head to your Edge Impulse project and click the 'notes' icon in the bottom left corner (marked in pink in the image below). Type a note, click Add note (or use the `CTRL+ENTER` / `CMD+ENTER` keyboard shortcut), and that's it. Notes are shared between all collaborators on your project, so they are a great way to communicate with the rest of your team.

    The notes button is at the right bottom corner of every page in the Studio.

    Note (pun intended): if you make your project public then all notes are made public as well. You can use this as an easy way to add extra information about the project, to document how you collected, or how you arrived at the right DSP parameters.

    Feedback? Interesting ideas on how to improve this feature? Let us know on the forums!

    Jan Jongboom is the CTO and cofounder of Edge Impulse. He still uses pen and paper for most notes.


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